Guest of Thursday Seminar is Dr. Ertan BECEREN

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17 January
Guest of Thursday Seminar is Dr. Ertan BECEREN

Euroasia Socio-Economic Research Association (ASEAD) hosted Dr. Ertan BECEREN at the Thursday Seminar held online on April 6, 2021. Dr. BECEREN shared his knowledge and experience with his presentation entitled “Management of Change in the New Word Order.”


Dr. Ertan BECEREN completed his undergraduate study in economics at Erciyes University and his master’s in economics at Süleyman Demirel University. Dr. BECEREN received his Ph.D. in economics at Istanbul University under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Erdogan ALKIN. In addition to his academic studies in foreign trade at Süleyman Demirel University, Dr. BECEREN provides consultancy services in marketing, corporate life, strategic management, brand strategies, entreprenuership to the firms in several sectors including logistics, tourism, auto, retail, healthcare and education sectors. Dr. BECEREN describes himself as someone who is a “practical economist” because he is interested in the real economy. Dr. BECEREN is an accredited educator in foreign trade and logistics.


In his presentation, Dr. BECEREN emphasized the importance of using self-improvement and self-healing techniques such as EFT, ACCESS Energy, REiki, Aikido, Kung Fu, Quantum Meridian Balancing, Subconscious, the Power of Thinking, Creative Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence in addition to using economic approaches in making proper decisions with examples. Dr. BECEREN explained that the concepts such as tactic, plan, program, sustainability and project must be a part of the life of a person and these concepts would help the person think strategically and thus would build creative and emotional intelligence.


ASEAD Chairman Prof. Dr. Ibrahim ORNEK said that individuals, firms and even states started to utilize different disciplines in the economic decision making process, thus, interdisciplinary approach became important in the modern time. Prof. Dr. ORNEK thanked Dr. Ertan BECEREN for sharing his knowledge and experience with the audience.


We are looking forward to Dr. BECEREN’s set of 5 book entitled “Cin Ali Economics,” “My Father and I,” “My Enterpreneurship,” “Breath” and “Subconscious”.

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